West Productions - Cowboy fast draw, gunslingers, gunfighters tips.
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Cowboy Fast Draw Tips DVD

Cowboy Fast Draw
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Buzzard Cooper is the 2010 World Champion, Short Keg is the 2008 World Champion, The Draw is the 2008, 2009 National Champion and Omaha Outlaw is the 2010 National Champion.

Fast Draw Tips
From Six Guys
Who Shoot In The .3s
Tips For ALL Ages
& Skill Levels
A Must See DVD
For Men & Women
From 8 To 80

~ Single action .45's shoot out and cowboy fast draw action. ~
~ Today's cowboy shoot out in 1880's style for the whole family. ~
~ Pull the ole leg iron and sling wax down range. ~

Unsolicited Review:
"This is a fantastic DVD.....You did a fine job.  This is the best illustration of Cowboy Fast Draw I've seen."  George (aka Sundowner)

Free Bonus Disc (20 mins.)
2011 World Championships
'The Next Level'

14 Shooters Featured!
Live Aaction and Slo Mo!
Free with purchase of
'Brint It' DVD!

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"Bring It" DVD Includes:

Tips and techniques from winners of National, World and Top Gun titles!

Several featured styles with demonstrations on the line.

The basics, from start to finish,
are clearly shown and spelled
out for you.

$28.00 (plus shipping & handling)

Sample Clip From "BRING IT"
Free Bonus Disc - Sample Clip

West Productions - Cowboy fast draw, gunslingers, gunfighters tips.


Check out the Cowboy Fast Draw Association and Oregon Cowboy Fast Draw Club.

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